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Owning a restaurant is a lot work — from making sure you always have enough fresh produce to ensuring you have enough tables to meet tonight’s reservations. When you purchase restaurant insurance from me, protecting your business is one less thing you have to worry about!

Our restaurant insurance program is designed around the needs of your specific business. With important coverages like "food contamination" and "loss of refrigeration," you can be assured your company is protected with the best insurance value available.

And, you know that you can not afford to let a minor kitchen fire shut you down for one minute longer than it has to. If that were to happen, you can count on us to have the expertise to handle your claim quickly and efficiently.





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       Michigan Locations
Michigan Locations:
Waterford Office:
2625 Pontiac Lake
Waterford, MI 48682
Phone: 248.390-6345
Fax: 248.682-2430
Troy Office:
2836 Winter
Troy, MI 48083
Phone: 248.390-6345
Fax: 248.682-2430
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